Ladd Forde is a portrait and lifestyle photographer, who strives to tell each subjects unique story. Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado he originally found a passion for photography through skateboarding. He attended Colorado Mountain College and graduated in 2012 with an associates degree with a focus in digital arts. During his studies he met and was mentored by successful architectural and interior photographer David Patterson.


Ladd moved to Boulder in the fall of 2013 where he started his own business as a freelance photographer. In the past several years he has worked on projects throughout the west for individuals and businesses alike as well as personal feats. Ladd joined MadeLife as an intern in spring 2015 and continued on to work there as a resident photographer and mentor till spring 2016. Ladd works to do at least one "passion project" a year. In 2016 Ladd spent a month traveling and shooting in Nepal with a NGO out of the uk working with students and Orphans. 2017 went to teach photography to kids in Uganda with the NGO, Action In Africa.  Ladd aspires to add travel photography and photo journalism to his list of specialties. 

For booking, rates or any questions, feel free to contact me through here or by phone.

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